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Dr. Sketchy's Bristol

Our next session-



Dr Sketchy's Bristol presents...

A Fairy Tale in Bristol

Christmas special


Join us for Bristol's only Anti-art school!



With burlesque entertainment from international Folly Mixture Tabitha Ta boo

Pole extrodinare Sir Midnight Blues

and hot off the press the stunning, ballet, toe tapping, filth wizard

Ophelia Wilde



Enjoy some swinging beats and the chance

to win some fabulous prizes

from Demons and Dimonds, Pin Cushion Body Piercing

Hammonds Photography


Join your host Lou-Leigh Blue for a enchanting time!

DJ David Hammonds will be spinning the beats

and good ol' chap Screaming Keating will be

baking the mince pies.


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Sir Midnight Blues



Cart 2 white small lady k Drsketchychristmas tabbs midnight de ophelia

            Ophelia Wilde

© Phase 8 Photography

Sunday, 22nd Febuary


Sunday, 19th April


Sunday, 28th June


Sunday, 30th August


Sunday, 25th October


Sunday, 13th December


At The Sportsman County Club Bristol, Colston Street,Bristol


Dr. Sketchy’s is the setting for life drawing classes with a difference. Fusing classic drawing techniques with contemporary trends and styles, it allows artists to express themselves in a fun and exciting atmosphere. Since its foundation in New York City in 2005 by Ms Molly Crabapple, Dr. Sketchy’s has wasted no time in spreading its creative vibe all over the world, reaching more than 100 cities in 16 countries. And we feel none of these are a more natural match for the brand than … Bristol!

Creative and vibrant; stylish and edgy: Bristol’s notorious underground art scene is the perfect new home for this awesome ‘anti-art’ school.


Established in 2013 by renowned burlesque performer and freelance photographer Boo, aka Lou-Leigh Blue, Dr. Sketchy’s Bristol is sure to draw on the city’s world-class heritage of street and other contemporary art to amazing effect.

Each class is a three-hour, fun-filled session featuring great music, fantastic costumes, and some of the country’s best modelling and dance acts. And there’s no need for fear: our doors are open to artists of all persuasions, experienced and amateur alike—even stick-man scribblers!


We’ll be holding these fabulous events once ever two month in a boozy Bristol location and each session is set to be an artistic extravaganza.So why not come along and have a blast honing your skills in this fresh, fabulous andalways entertaining environment?Don’t forget to bring your sketchpads and your medium of choice… And if you’re planning to attend as part of a large group or party, please book in advance, because spaces are limited.

We look forward to seeing you soon!




Quick Q&A with Dr. Sketchy’s Bristol


Who hosts Dr. Sketchy’s Bristol?

Our Bristol branch was established in 2013 by local performer and freelance photographer Boo, aka Lou-Leigh Blue


What medium can I bring to the class?

We offer loose sheets of A4 paper and pencils—but we encourage you to bring a sketchpad, along with any pencils, paints or pastels you might like to use.

Note: Please do bring something with which to clean up after yourself if your medium of choice is paint!


Can you organise a hen party, birthday party, corporate event or other private event?

We would love to share your special occasion here at Dr. Sketchy’s! If you would prefer to have a private party, we’re able to offer a bespoke class just for your event. Just email with dates and other details, and we can take it from there.


Are there any age restrictions for Dr. Sketchy’s Bristol?

Yes, you are required to be 18 years of age or over to attend one of our classes.


What about if I’m interested in modelling for Dr. Sketchy’s Bristol?

We’re also always looking for models with creative ideas, so please contact louleighblue@yahoo.comif you’re interested in doing your thing the other side of the easel!

I would be interested in sponsoring Dr. Sketchy’s Bristol. How do I go about doing so?

That’s great news and we would love to hear from you here at Bristol’s HQ. Please drop a line to and we can discuss sponsorship opportunities further!


spray THUMBS

Name: Boo

Aka: Lou-Leigh Blue

Occupation: Professional body piercer, Burlesque and GO-GO performer, photographer and Dr Sketchy Bristol host.

Role at Dr Sketchy's Bristol:

Founder of Bristol Dr.Sketchy, website host, Artwork creator and organiser

What do you love about our city?!:

No where else on the planet like it, if you are living in the UK why would you want to live anywhere else?!

Name: Richard Keating

Aka: Screaming Keating

Occupation: Top Hatter, Dapper Tapper.

Role at Dr Sketchy's Bristol: Usher, Body Guard to models, and to stand around with a general Heavenly Body.

What do you love about our city?!:

Dolly mixture of a City



Name: David Hammonds

Aka: DJ Hammonds

Occupation: Photographer, graphic designer

Role at Dr Sketchy's Bristol: Mind-expanding

psychedelic tunes.

What do you love about our city?!: 

Its eclectic, anarchic nature full of interesting

people getting up and doing things.